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Corporate PR / Internal PR

Despite the popular opinion, corporations are not heartless. They are made by people and the people shape corporations’ character. That’s why while creating press kit we focus on products, profits and corporation’s achievements as much as on people. We are organizing photo sessions for board members and experts, writing their profiles, establishing communication standards and training for public speeches, communicating with media and stakeholders.

We create organization’s communication strategy and company’s complex image creation program are based on meticulous communication channels selection, so corporation’s key values can be clearly communicated to wide the range of stakeholders. We are building corporation’s mission and vision, conducting activities aimed at increasing brand awareness, reaching experts, designing motivation and loyalty programs, implementing CSR projects.

We are also focusing on internal communication in the company – by designing information flow paths (such as intranet or internal correspondence), training employees (motivational, in company’s communication standards or dress code). Creating bulletins from scratch, intranet content, company magazines, materials for website, organizing meetings and company events – both occasional, as well as motivational.