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Nonoproblemo personalities

  • KAMILA - head manager

    In the madness there is a method, and in the method there is madness. Therefore she finds fulfilment, while creating concepts and navigating, not only the team, but fast cars as well. She doesn’t like limitations- it is why she often leads the way and sets new directions, but there are some though moments, when she says that she’d rather move onto the beaten track. She gained mastery in building good relations thanks to ability of listening to the voice of the people. She draws ideas also from the golden thoughts of her children. If it goes about stress, she kills it forcefully – at a squash court.   

  • ADAM - graphic

    Professionally involved in provoking positive reactions, although he admits that the thing that  turns him the most is... a swivel chair. He is like dr House wearing glasses of Clark Kent and Superman's T-shirt - can suddenly surprise you with a cosmic force sarcastic wit. He is looking for inspiration, while discovering the world, and especially the unexplored paths leading to the bar. Do not focus on the details - asked whether it is better to have your cake, and eat it, he businesslike states that there is a need to buy a pastry shop. And then order a double espresso.

  • JOANNA - account manager

    She is as sarcastic as Dr. House, but on a daily basis is a superhero. Helping is her passion, and it is why she deals with key customers. Constantly on a "as little words as possible" diet, but without great effect. Talking is her hobby and a great love. Well, she has this talent. Anyway she can use her gift of gab and so there is no problem that she can’t solve or goals beyond her reach. A stress? A few hours of squash cleans totally :)

  • ANDROMEDA -  e-PR manager

    She hasn't written a book yet, claiming that she has nothing to tell people. It's obvious lie, because if you would try to collect every text that she has committed, it would come out as a huge tome. She is keeping track of the development of new media with the bated breath, but she regrets that she is not 11 years old – it would be so much easier to do so. Addicted to reading, never misses even the inscriptions on the packaging. Her way to get rid of stress is practicing yoga. That’s why she knows how to bend over backwards. 

  • NATALIA - PR specialist

    When she is not at the cinema, she is on the phone. Arranges and negotiates and she is the one who hunts all of our mistakes. Snobbish to absolve that her life is guided by the message of Witkiewicz, which, however, is not suitable for public dissemination. In free time she goes crazy at festivals, reads and eats. She assumes that if you have a cake you have to eat it and then buy another one. Envied by the most of the team because you can’t tell that she has been eating all of those cakes.

  • WERONIKA -  graphic

    Claims that her life is not directed to any creed because is usually borders on banality, and banality is one of the things that she hates. Others are logos in JPG and photos in Word. When not designing, she likes to go for long walks. She prefers unexplored paths, but feels better while holding a tutorial in hand. If it goes about sports activity she loves to lay on the couch and watch TV series. Economical, she collects all the cakes, to eat them all at the right time.

  • ALICJA -  account manager

    Don’t be mistaken that she loves sawn trials that she gladly travels with backpack in her free time, even when she has to wade through snow.  She is a trendsetter, whose motto is “Stressed. Depressed. But well dressed.” Not surprisingly that goes crazy when there is nothing to wear (every morning?). Being really practical, she doesn’t bother herself with questions like “have a cake…”. She is not waiting to be given  the cake. On the contrary - she bakes it and then eats it all. 


    ŁUKASZ - motion designer

    He is passionate about animation and sound installation; maybe it is why the most valued things are peace and tranquility. Disappointed by the fact that Superman does not exist, relies on widely appreciated features of the Dr. House. Of course, it comes with a relentless passion to discover the secrets, and not only medical. In the search for truth does not mince measures – he follows both well-trodden paths and embarks on unexplored paths. If you come across him on your way, you have to remember that sometimes you can bribe him with a jar of pesto.



Basic goals: improved relations

Sub-goals: perfect fitment for customer goals, orders or needs




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